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Now available for full-flex instrumentation!

PDF orders will include scores and parts for both the flex version as well as the original full instrumentation.  The scores and parts are available for free, but any contribution is greatly appreciated and supports creating new music. 

I love chatting with kids about composing, practicing, and just about any topic under the sun.  If you would like to schedule a virtual workshop with the piece, please contact me for details and rates!

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Full-flex Perusal Score
Mercury's March Mock-upLaura M. Kramer
00:00 / 02:19

Program Note

Mercury’s March depicts imaginary scenes in a day of the life of Mercury, the god of trade and messenger of the gods. First, the low brass introduce a sly yet bold mantra that portrays Mercury boldly marching through town.  During his patrol, he flaunts his caduceus, a wand entwined with two serpents that has magical powers to put mortals to sleep, raise the dead, and turn anything it touches into gold. Known for trickery, his antics can be heard through glissandi in the trombones as well as a second melody that slithers and wanders. This second melody portrays Mercury’s strength through the use of the Dorian mode. By highlighting the raised sixth scale degree, triumphant harmonies are created. As the piece progresses, customers trading and bantering with Mercury can be heard through short, accented figures that pass from one group of instruments to another.  And, sometimes, clashing notes even result!

Original Instrumentation Perusal Score
Mercury's March (2019-20)

for beginning band (GRADE 1)

2:30 minutes

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