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Performing in a chamber ensemble has many benefits – it exposes your command of tuning, timing, technique, blending with other instruments, and ability to make corrections on the spot. Not to mention, you learn from the other members in the group. If you are interested in starting a new group, or would like an objective pair of ears to listen to your rehearsal, I am available to coach your ensemble. I will work on areas that include but are not limited to:

  • ensemble warm-ups

  • tuning

  • balance

  • articulation

  • phrasing

  • expression

  • ways to tighten up passages



I also specialize in coaching saxophone sectionals within a larger ensemble (for instance, a wind band or orchestra). No matter what the age or level of your group, I can work with your students. My sessions are efficient, and I provide students with tools that build them into better musicians as a whole. The growth doesn’t stop with just one session – it is my hope that the exercises I provide the students with are things that they can continue to practice and improve upon long after our meeting is over. Depending upon the session’s length, number of meetings that we will have, and specific requests, I can address several areas, including but not limited to:

  • Assistance with issues specific to the saxophone, including tone production, fingerings, technique, articulation, embouchure, and how to tune some of those more stubborn notes on the horn (like those notorious 4th line “D’s”)!

  • Concepts specific to the repertoire you are working on; to name a few: phrasing, balance, tuning, rhythms, and character.

Of course, I can also address any other special requests!

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