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Are you looking for music for a future concert, series, or special event (i.e., anniversary, wedding, birthday, memorial, etc.)? No matter what the occasion, there may be several reasons why you may wish to program a commissioned work. First, the new piece will be personalized. You will have a say in incorporating particular styles, moods, emotions, or depicting a piece of artwork, amongst other possibilities! If you are a performer or an ensemble, commissioning a new work that exhibits your strengths and interests is a great way to expand your repertoire. You will have rights to the first performance of the work, and your name(s) will be acknowledged in all future copies of the score. In addition, you will be supporting the future of new music and creative activities. Not to mention, it is my hope that the entire process will be a rewarding one!

Rates vary according to the duration of the composition and size of the ensemble. Please get in touch with me to discuss details more in-depth, and I look forward to collaborating with you!

Here is an example of a previously commissioned work:

on the edge for alto saxophone and guitar, commissioned by Duo Montagnard

Joe Murphy, saxophone

Matthew Slotkin, guitar


View score and more info about on the edge

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