For part and performance materials, 

Remnant Oscillation (2012)

for clarinet and electroacoustic media
5 minutes

Program Note


Remnant Oscillation’s title results from two aspects of the project. First, the framework of the piece includes sound files that were created during my time at Indiana University, but these snippets had never been formulated into a complete work. Second, all of these “remnants” had been constructed from scratch with a sine wave, adding modulation techniques and LFO’s (low-frequency oscillation). Passages that include beat-driven grooves and complex rhythms resulted. These samples stayed filed away for about three years, until I realized that they would complement a project for clarinet and MAX/MSP that I had been working on here at USC. Combining both the old and new pallet of sounds together, the work progresses through a series of fluctuating or “oscillating” drones that emerges into pulsed grooves. Because many of drone-like resonances were derived from clarinet samples, both the clarinet and electronic components are shaped as a dialogue.

For part and performance materials, 

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