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Film Music & Sound Design

Reveries (2019-20) directed by Jacob Ball

Role: Composed music for opening and ending credits


The film was featured at the following festivals:

  • Berlin Lift-off Film Festival Online 2020 (Finalist)

  • Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival 2020

  • Sacramento International Film Festival 2020

Waves of Change (2020), by Juhi Bansal

Role: Completed sound design, mixing, mastering

The work was premiered at the PROTOTYPE Festival as part of its MODULATION series.  The festival streamed from January through June 2021. 

Electronic Music

Axon Aura 

Axon Aura is a start-up music production company that specializes in ambient, meditative music, as well as grooves.  

Sample works:


Concert Works

Mercury's March (2019-20)
for beginning band (Grade 1)


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