Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory is the study of how music is organized.  Through score analysis, listening, and hands on activities, lessons may incorporate the following concepts:

  • Review of Fundamentals: pitch, rhythm, meter, scales, keys, dynamics, chords and their inversions

  • Melody, Harmony, and Common Practice Voice-Leading

  • Chromaticism, Secondary Functions, Augmented Sixth Chords, Neapolitan Chords

  • Modulation Techniques

  • Counterpoint – Renaissance through Modern

  • Form – Phrases, Periods, Cadences, Binary Forms, Ternary Forms, Sonata Form, amongst others. 

  • Post-Tonal Techniques

  • Why learn music theory? - Application of Music Theory to your everyday musical activities.

Lessons are ideal for:

  • Training for high school students preparing to audition for a college music major

  • Tutoring for graduate students preparing for entrance exams

  • Tutoring for students enrolled in a music theory course in high school or college

  • Tutoring for the AP Music Theory Exam

  • Customized lessons for individuals that already have basic music theory skills, play an instrument, and would like to continue to broaden their knowledge of music theory and repertoire.

In our first lesson, we will discuss what your immediate and long-term goals are, and then we will set up an appropriate plan! 

In Person Lessons

If you are local to North Orange County or San Luis Obispo, CA, we can schedule lessons in person.  For rates, scheduling, and questions,

I am available to commute to other areas in Los Angeles or Orange County for an additional commuting fee.  

Video Chat Lessons

Lessons may take place via Skype or

Google Hangouts.  For rates, scheduling, and questions,