Music Preparation

I can prepare scores and parts for just about any instrument, voice, or ensemble, small to large.  With experience as a composer, I am proficient in formatting clean, professional looking scores and parts.  With experience as a performer, I have a detailed eye for things that performers look for; for instance, a layout with spacing that provides enough room to make annotations, and font and notation that is large enough to be legible, yet not so large that it crowds with surrounding objects.   Services include:


  • Preparation of a score and/or parts from handwritten manuscript

  • Preparation and orchestration of a score and/or parts from handwritten manuscript from a midi file

  • Cleanup of a score and parts from an existing Sibelius or Finale file

  • Extraction of parts from an existing in Sibelius or Finale Score

  • Proof Reading of scores and parts: I will give your music a comprehensive going-over.  I will check for the following: notation issues, spelling, object and font clashes, articulation inconsistencies, transposition, instruments out of range, layout issues, discrepancies between parts and the score, and beyond! If you have the work in Sibelius or Finale, I will correct all issues directly in the file. 


Rates will vary according to the number of staves per page, pages, pages size, and number of instruments.  Upon completion, I will provide you with electronic copies of all scores and parts.  There will also be additional fees if you would like the music to be printed and bound. 

For rates, scheduling, and questions,