Music Fundamentals Lessons

This is essentially a customized course in the basics of music theory.   You may be interested in this course if:

  • You know the basics of an instrument and would like to further learn about music construction, style, and history. 

  • You’re in the music business, industry or other profession, and though you are not necessarily a musician, you occasionally come across some music terminology and would like the ability to communicate it in a conversational way.

  • You would like some remedial tutoring in music theory. 


Course Topics Include:

  • Clefs, Pitch Names

  • Note Values, Rhythm, Meter, Time Signature

  • Key Signatures

  • Intervals; Major, Minor, and Modal Scales

  • Chords and Harmony

  • Melody

  • Musical Examples for all of the above concepts, incorporating a range of styles, instruments, time periods, and genres: from 19th century piano solo, to 18th century string quartet, modern chamber ensembles, and even jazz combo, pop tunes, and film scores.  

  • Customization according to your instrument and/or background

Materials Needed:

  • Fundamentals Text Book (to be assigned)

  • Handouts

  • Pencil

  • Manuscript Paper

  • Piano or Electronic Keyboard:  If you do not have access to one, any keyboard app on a smartphone or other mobile device will suffice.  Less preferable, but still sufficient, would be a printout of a keyboard. 

    • Why I use this:  Many of the skills in this course will be grasped much more quickly with the association of a musical instrument.  For instance, I can tell you about how a certain chord is constructed on paper, but when you play the notes on the keyboard, you simultaneously will both physically see the space between the notes and hear how it sounds.  I can play a number of examples from musical works that use the same chord, which will reinforce the concept, but physical interaction with an instrument most definitely speeds up the learning process.

In Person Lessons

If you are local to North Orange County or San Luis Obispo, CA, we can schedule lessons in person.  For rates, scheduling, and questions,

I am available to commute to other areas in Los Angeles or Orange County for an additional commuting fee.  

Video Chat Lessons

Lessons may take place via Skype or

Google Hangouts.  For rates, scheduling, and questions,