Ear-Training Lessons

Ear-Training skills are important ones, no matter what your instrument.  There are several circumstances where it would be useful to know what the music sounds like before you play it, as well as be able to transcribe the music that you are hearing quickly, without referring to an instrument. 


How many times were you in an orchestra or wind band rehearsal, where you were asked to sing a certain passage?  Singing the music before you play it, ensures that you indeed know what the music sounds like.  Knowing what the music sounds like before you press the keys or bow the strings on your instrument will tremendously improve your tone quality, tuning, and musicality.  Otherwise, you’re just pushing keys! In ear-training lessons, we will practice a number of strategies that help you to sight-sing music better.


In addition, you may find yourself in a jam session, without music.  How do you know what to play?  How do you know what the changes are?  In lessons, we will practice different strategies for listening to basslines, melody, and harmonic progression. 


Topics include:

  • Sight-singing fundamental exercises and examples from real music

  • Sight-reading single and two-part rhythmic passages

  • Transcribing short pitch and rhythmic motives

  • Transcribing short through long melodies

  • Transcribing short through long harmonic progressions

  • Diatonic major and minor scales, modes, harmonic progressions in both major and minor

  • Melodies and harmonies with triads, seventh chords, root position and inverted chords, modulation, secondary functions, augmented sixth chords, Neapolitan chords.


Ear-Training Lessons are ideal for the following:

  • Training for high school students preparing to audition for a college music major

  • Tutoring for graduate students preparing for entrance exams

  • Tutoring for students enrolled in an ear-training course in high school or college

  • Tutoring for the AP Music Theory Exam

  • Customized lessons for individuals that already have basic music theory skills, play an instrument, and would like to develop the ability to transcribe music, be able to look at a melody and know what it sounds like before playing it, or work on specialized topics; for instance, being able to hear the changes in a jazz combo. 

In Person Lessons

If you are local to North Orange County or San Luis Obispo, CA, we can schedule lessons in person.  For rates, scheduling, and questions,

I am available to commute to other areas in Los Angeles or Orange County for an additional commuting fee.  

Video Chat Lessons

Lessons may take place via Skype or

Google Hangouts.  For rates, scheduling, and questions,