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  • Private Lessons
    I offer individual instruction in a variety of areas, and I can teach a wide range of levels and ages: ​ Beginner through Advanced 4th grade through High School Adult College ​​ My lessons are efficient and are customized for your individual level, interests, and goals. When you initially sign up for lessons, we will discuss lesson length, how often you would like to meet, and what you hope to accomplish. Once we start meeting, we will set both long-term and weekly goals, and will plan realistic steps for achieving them. I teach the following: Saxophone Lessons Study of Fundamentals, Technique, Tone Production, Practice Methods, and Repertoire of the Saxophone Composition Lessons Writing Original Compositions, Composition Techniques, Score Study, Developing a Personal Voice Composition Critique Constructive feedback on your work Music Theory Lesson Tutoring Study of how music is constructed; activities in listening, analysis, and hands-on exercises; application to your everyday musical activities Ear-Training Lessons Strategies for transcribing and sight-singing music, application to real world scenarios Musical Fundamentals Lessons Develop a practical knowledge of music; Learn how to read and listen to music Audio Production Learn how to use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), MIDI, Mixing Techniques, Fundamentals of Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Audio Restoration, Recording Techniques, Working with Sound Libraries, Creative uses of electroacoustic media
  • Commissions
    Are you looking for music for a future concert, series, or special event (i.e., anniversary, wedding, birthday, memorial, etc.)? No matter what the occasion, there may be several reasons why you may wish to program a commissioned work. First, the new piece will be personalized. You will have a say in incorporating particular styles, moods, emotions, or depicting a piece of artwork, amongst other possibilities! If you are a performer or an ensemble, commissioning a new work that exhibits your strengths and interests is a great way to expand your repertoire. You will have rights to the first performance of the work, and your name(s) will be acknowledged in all future copies of the score. In addition, you will be supporting the future of new music and creative activities. Not to mention, it is my hope that the entire process will be a rewarding one! Rates vary according to the duration of the composition and size of the ensemble. Please get in touch with me to discuss details more in-depth, and I look forward to collaborating with you! Here are a few examples of previous commissioned works: on the edge for alto saxophone and guitar, commissioned by Duo Montagnard Joe Murphy, saxophone Matthew Slotkin, guitar View score and more info about on the edge Sleuth for tuba and piano, commissioned by David Holben View score and more info about Sleuth
  • Performances & Recordings
    Performances Local to Baltimore, MD, I am available to perform in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and in neighboring states. I can perform as a soloist or in a chamber or large ensemble, for any of the following: Special Occasions Educational Events Premieres of New Works Conferences Festivals Weddings Memorials I may also be available for performances outside of the Southern California and Central Coast areas. Please contact me if you would like to make arrangements. ​ Recording Sessions Are you recording a new piece of music? A film score? Making a new album? For sessions in the Baltimore and D.C. area, I am available to travel to a studio to play solo or with a chamber or larger ensemble. ​ For an additional fee, I may also be able to commute farther.
  • Music for Film & Media
    When I collaborate with film and media, I strive to create music that complements the production. With a versatile range of composing techniques, I'd love to collaborate with you to create music in the style and mood that serves the scenes best. Samples: 1) Reveries: Music for Opening and Ending Credits 2) New samples added every week at Axon Aura Sound.
  • Rehearsals/Coaching
    Rehearsals Performing in a chamber ensemble has many benefits – it exposes your command of tuning, timing, technique, blending with other instruments, and ability to make corrections on the spot. Not to mention, you learn from the other members in the group. If you are interested in starting a new group, or would like an objective pair of ears to listen to your rehearsal, I am available to coach your ensemble. I will work on areas that include but are not limited to: ensemble warm-ups tuning balance articulation phrasing expression ways to tighten up passages Coaching ​ I also specialize in coaching saxophone sectionals within a larger ensemble (for instance, a wind band or orchestra). No matter what the age or level of your group, I can work with your students. My sessions are efficient, and I provide students with tools that build them into better musicians as a whole. The growth doesn’t stop with just one session – it is my hope that the exercises I provide the students with are things that they can continue to practice and improve upon long after our meeting is over. Depending upon the session’s length, number of meetings that we will have, and specific requests, I can address several areas, including but not limited to: Assistance with issues specific to the saxophone, including, tone production, fingerings, technique, articulation, embouchure, and how to tune some of those more stubborn notes on the horn (like those notorious 4th line “D’s”)! Concepts specific to the repertoire you are working on; to name a few: phrasing, balance, tuning, rhythms, and character. Of course, I can also address any other special requests!
  • Orchestration/Arranging
    Whether you need an arrangement for your marching band, choir, woodwind quintet, or a student or professional ensemble, I can provide you with a product that meets your needs and interests. There are many instances in which you would like to have music arranged. A few examples include: community events weddings memorial services anniversaries Why hire an arranger? Perhaps there is a tune that you would like to have performed at your event, but you would like it to be performed by a particular group of instruments. Or, you may wish to have the music customized, so that it brings out features that the performers specialize in, or that it captures a particular style, mood, or element. We’ll discuss the type of piece you would like, and from there, I will create a personalized work. Here are a few examples of previous work: Amazing Grace for saxophone quartet View score and more info about Amazing Grace for saxophone quartet "Dance", arrangement for Loara High School Marching Band, Anaheim, CA Blooming Lavender for orchestra, melodies by local elementary students, written for Indiana University's Kids Compose Program.
  • Copying/Score Prep
    I can prepare scores and parts for just about any instrument, voice, or ensemble, small to large. With experience as a composer, I am proficient in formatting clean, professional looking scores and parts. With experience as a performer, I have a detailed eye for things that performers look for; for instance, a layout with spacing that provides enough room to make annotations, and font and notation that is large enough to be legible, yet not so large that it crowds with surrounding objects. Services include: Preparation of a score and/or parts from handwritten manuscript Preparation and orchestration of a score and/or parts from handwritten manuscript from a midi file Cleanup of a score and parts from an existing Sibelius or Finale file Extraction of parts from an existing in Sibelius or Finale Score Proof Reading of scores and parts: I will give your music a comprehensive going-over. I will check for the following: notation issues, spelling, object and font clashes, articulation inconsistencies, transposition, instruments out of range, layout issues, discrepancies between parts and the score, and beyond! If you have the work in Sibelius or Finale, I will correct all issues directly in the file. Rates will vary according to the number of staves per page, pages, pages size, and number of instruments. Upon completion, I will provide you with electronic copies of all scores and parts. There will also be additional fees if you would like the music to be printed and bound.
  • Audio Production/Editing
    I offer the following audio services: Editing audio for media (Ex. Editing voiceovers in an educational video) Producing virtual concerts Dialogue Editing Podcast Production Audio Restoration, Noise removal, Enhancement Samples from Axon Aura Sound: Dialogue samples coming soon!
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